2018 Summer Session Thank You!

Gainesville Girls Rock Camp.png

Our GGRC summer sessions have officially ended and what a fun ride it has been! Big giant thank you to:

The Groove Street Hypercube Music Incubator,
Working Food, Queer Soup Night, Loosey’s
Downtown, Astronaut Guitars, 89.1 WUFT, Brave
Harvest, Mr. Goodbike, High Dive, Becky Sinn,
Vowls, In Bed By Ten, Jenarchy, Oof, Becca
Pieters, Diana Barquet, Julia Bushnell, Chelsea
Carnes, Caroline Hament, Jennifer Vito, Bea Schenk, Andrea Bonvecchio, Lexi Braun, Caitlyn Vinci, Mindy Rohrbacher, Mama Trish, Lily Ruckstuhl, Jackie Leeper, Van Tran,
Brooke Nantz, Hayatt Aarrass, Michelle Parker,
Kathy Sohar, Claire Mitchell, Ana Fajardo,
Heather Halak, Kate Forest, Ashley Flattery,
Jessie Lazarchik, Piss Test, Shark Anatomy, Killarney Star, Searchlight Yoga, Artomoro Tempeh, Meeko Farms, Main Street Market, The Girls Rock Camp Alliance, Kentucky Costellow, Summer Elholm, our introverted and amazing intern Jane Stanley, Brianna Peterson, Olivia Floyd, Lele Everett, Lindsey Riibe, Natalie Rich, Carol Bruggeman, Kat Antunes, Caro Hamment, Becky May, Quanisha Madison, Samantha Jones, Chris Kastle, and everyone who donated time and resources over the past year! We love our Gainesville Community!

We are recruiting volunteers, staff, and board members throughout the year. To get involved or to make a donation, please email gainesvillegirlsrockcamp@gmail.com

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