Camp was great! Stay tuned for 2017!

2016 was an amazing summer at Gainesville Girls Rock Camp! We’d like to thank the following folks for their support in our fourth year of camp! We couldn’t do it without you.
United Church of Gainesville, Aesthetic Print, Target Copy, Hardback Cafe,The Repurpose Project, our wonderful accountant Joseph L. Susi, CPA, P.A., Gainesville Iguana, WUFT Media, Thomas Deaton & Endless Pools for the warehouse space, Ilene Goldstein, Jessica Lancia, Devon Vlasin, Bill Bryson, Civic Media Center, Wild Iris Books, The Midnight, HIGH DIVE (Gainesville, FL), everyone who lent us gear, and our volunteers: Elaina Buono, VerĂ³nica Crespo, Julia Bushnell, Summer A Elholm, Chelsea Strawder, Maria Fasting, Anna Jucker, Lily Ruckstuhl, Blake-Alexandria Collins, Marcela Martinez, Coco Figs, Holland Hall, Maria Carter, Sylvia Arnold, Tahlia De Maio, Taissa Morimoto, Margo Briggs, Meaghan Monaghan, Kathy Sohar, Somewhere Glassworks, Flattery O’Ashley & Jess,Emily Sara Ott, Aunt Maggi, Kylah Rail, Becca Pieters, Brooke Nantz, Danielle Durham, Kate Conti, Dana Myers, Van Tran, Natalia Callejas,Michelle Parker, Karen Smith, and our staff, Jennifer Vito, Chelsea Carnes, and Kentuckyy Costellow. Y’all are so amazing!

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